Private Tutor

Voluntary/self-organised, August 2021 – present.

I have greatly enjoyed delivering online teaching support to an undergraduate psychology student based in the United States. In this role, I have prepared digestible study guides containing information relevant to the course syllabus, including basic and advanced concepts in developmental psychology and behaviourism. I have also been available for ad-hoc support via email and video call. In addition, I have taken on pastoral duties, discussing the student’s study/career goals, listening to their academic concerns, and signposting them towards relevant support services at their institution. The student has a learning disability, is a member of an ethnic minority, and comes from a disadvantaged background. I have thoroughly valued the insight that I have gained through this role into the challenges faced by BME students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and students with disabilities.

Co-organiser for the Psychology PGR Community

University of Nottingham, August 2021-present.

Working together with two fellow postgraduate researchers (PGRs), I co-created an initiative with the aim of creating a supportive community for PGRs within the School of Psychology at Nottingham. Completing a PhD can be an isolating experience, and the COVID-19 pandemic only worsened this reality. Our goal was to change this by creating a space for PGRs to bond over their shared experiences and enjoy a break from their research. I greatly enjoyed co-organising various social events, both online and in-person. We also organised a lunchtime roulette program, where PGRs were paired up at random for a conversation over lunch.

Mentor for the Inspiring Women in STEM Project

University of Nottingham, January-February 2021.

I was thrilled to take on the role of mentor for a group of undergraduate students within the faculty of science as they participated in the Inspiring Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) Project. The project involved creating a 30 minute video highlighting a hidden female STEM hero and discussing the benefit of choosing STEM courses/careers. The video was then distributed to local secondary schools in the Nottingham area with the aim of encouraging female students to choose STEM subjects at A-level/university and consider STEM careers. As a mentor, I helped guide the students through the project, offering advice and guidance where appropriate. Through my role, I enhanced my project management, prioritisation, communication and delegation skills.

Public Engagement Committee Member

University of Nottingham, November 2020-present.

I I am a member of the Public Engagement Committee at the School of Psychology and represent all postgraduate’s views on public engagement activities. My main roles include developing resources to encourage others within the school to participate in public engagement and helping to organise public engagement events through the year. Here is an example of a game that I created for others to use at public engagement events.

Coordinator, Peer Support Facilitator and Graphic Designer for Student Minds

Student Minds Nottingham, Students’ Union, 2019-2021

In my role as coordinator, I manage a team of peer support facilitators. As a group, we deliver a weekly peer-support group designed to give students the skills to cope with low mood. The group is supported by Student Minds UK and I have received formal training from the charity in motivational interviewing and empathetic listening skills. We are currently working with the charity to develop and pilot an online version of our popular “Thrive” course to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, I have also worked within a team of students who aimed to raise funds for Student Minds UK and ran campaigns to promote student mental health. My key role was creating promotional graphics for the group. This included posters, leaflets, display screen advertisements, and social media graphics. I also helped to organise and run fundraising events.

Peer Support Facilitator

ADAPT Together, University of Nottingham, 2020-present

Working together with my co-facilitator, I manage a peer support group for PhD students with the Faculty of Science. The group aims to provide a space for students to discuss their experiences and concerns with their peers and gain support. Within this role, I plan wellbeing activities, lead semi-structured peer support group sessions, and sign-post to relevant support services where appropriate. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to further enhance my project management and active listening skills by taking on this role.

Welfare Officer

Belly Dance Society, Students’ Union, 2020-2021

I volunteered as welfare officer for the Belly Dance Society at the University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union. Through this role, I worked tirelessly to support the wellbeing of all society members and regularly organised events designed to promote positive mental health and body confidence. During this role, I also proactively took a lead in redesigning the society’s website.

Founder, Project Manager, Lead Editor

Psych and Neuro 101, 2016-present

I created an online learning resource designed to encourage both students and members of the general public to engage with psychology and neuroscience. In the first year of the project, I managed a team of writers and wrote material for the website myself. I also designed the appearance of the website, maintained the website and ran various social media pages associated with the website. The website is still active today. It has gained many positive reviews from students and members of the general public alike, with 400 likes on Facebook. I accept written submissions from scientists and students in psychology and neuroscience. Through this, I hope to encourage others within the academic community to get involved with science communication.

Session Leader, Vice President, Treasurer, and Publicity Officer

Supporting Young Minds, 2016-2018

Supporting Young Minds is a student-led volunteering group that aims to educate primary school children about the importance of mental health. I regularly designed and delivered classroom-based activity sessions for students aged 7-9 years-old. The sessions focused on topics such as, ‘body confidence’ and ‘celebrating what makes us unique’. I went on to serve as publicity offer, treasurer, and vice president for the group.

Education Representative

Students’ Union, University of Nottingham, 2017-2018

During my role as an Education Representative, I managed a group of course representatives within the school of psychology. I organised and chaired meetings between course representatives and senior staff and consistently negotiated in the interests of student welfare. Through my hard work, we were able to improve the way that changes that the staff make in response to the Student Evaluation of Module (SEM) surveys is fed back to students. I was awarded a gold leadership award and a union prize for my dedication to this role.

Course Representative

Students’ Union, University of Nottingham, 2016-2018

As a course representative, I was committed to improving the welfare and academic life of undergraduate psychology students for 2 years. I regularly negotiated with senior staff on issues important to students. I was nominated for course representative of the year for my hard work within this role.

Peer mentor

The School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, 2016-2018

As a peer mentor, I gave academic support to first and second year undergraduate students. I ran regular support sessions and produced resources to support students with their academic studies.