Graduate Teaching Assistant & Laboratory Demonstrator

Nottingham Graduate School, 2018-19

Previously, I have volunteered as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Demonstrator on the postgraduate-level, ‘Foundations in Quantitative Research’ module. Within this role, I taught postgraduate students how to use Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software and about the principles of conducting quantitative analysis. The majority of my students had no prior knowledge of conducting quantitative research or data analysis. I greatly value the time spent in this role, as it enhanced my ability to communicate complex statistical concepts to individuals from non-scientific or mathematical academic backgrounds.

For more information about my teaching experience, see here.

Research Assistant

The School of Psychology, The University of Nottingham, May-July 2017

Working alongside Dr Emma Whitt (University of Nottingham), Professor David Clarke (University of Nottingham) and Dr David Keatley (Murdoch University), I developed a research project to investigate university students’ perceptions of the causes of fear of failure. The role involved designing a research project, collecting data and managing participant payment. A research paper produced from this project is currently under review. As a result of my dedication to this project, I was invited to join the Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis group.