Current Employment

Seminar Tutor

The School of Sociology and Social Policy, The University of Nottingham, 2021-present

I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to teach on the “Foundations in Qualitative Methods” postgraduate-level module. In this role, I have:

  • Prepared lessons and exercises that encouraged students to critically evaluate different qualitative research methods and data analysis techniques.
  • Conducted engaging in-class discussions to facilitate learning and encourage participation.
  • Produced and graded weekly online quizzes to provide students with timely feedback on progress.
  • Applied innovative online teaching methods to encourage student engagement, such as a virtual reality collaborative classroom space.
  • Facilitated conversation between students from varied subject backgrounds (e.g. medicine, sociology, computer science, psychology, and law).

Graduate Teaching Assistant & Laboratory Demonstrator

The School of Psychology, The University of Nottingham, 2019-present

I currently work as a graduate teaching assistant and laboratory demonstrator at the School of Psychology. In this role, I have:

  • Delivered practical computer-based lessons to classes of up to 60 students on python programming, research design and quantitative statistics.
  • Assisted faculty by preparing lesson materials, exercises and digital presentations for upcoming classes.
  • Graded coding and essay-based assessments according to university standards.
  • Mentored students through office hours and one-on-one communication.
  • Supported the delivery of online Microsoft Teams-based classes with approximately 200 students.

I find teaching incredibly rewarding and I hope that I can continue to teach throughout my academic career.

For more information about my teaching experience, see here.